Presenting with impact

“If you communicate in a way that resonates, people will believe in you.”

I found Paula's presentation style really useful from the beginning as a live example of how presence directly affects impact.
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At the heart of this programme is the art of communicating well.

With coaching, group work, and presentation-skills training including video play-back, this programme is packed with practical tools.

Learn how to:

  • Use the art of story-telling as a key leadership tactic
  • Move from ‘survival mode’ to ‘control mode’ in public-speaking
  • Transform technical information into simple messages

inject clarity and IMPACT into your presentations.


"Paula’s story telling approach was exceptionally good - sometimes we slip into bad habits and forget we are dealing with people; her approach was interesting, valuable and memorable"

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"My sessions with Paula gave me a huge boost in confidence and dispelled a lot of my inner fears and self-doubt of speaking in public. I had been overly apprehensive and had a massive dislike for public speaking although it is something I have to do regularly. It even led me to turning down many fantastic opportunities. I’m now far happier in this space and feel far more equipped to handle the challenges of public speaking"

Former International Rugby Player

“This is an excellent programme, I would highly recommend it to other areas of the business where communicating / presenting results is important”

Executive and Leadership Coaching


Leading with Executive Presence

leading with executive presence

Presenting with Impact

presenting with impact

Engaging with Presence and Impact

Engaging with presence and impact

Keynote Speaker

keynote speaker